About Ann's Ministry 

Ann Gross

I have been following the Lord for over 40 years. Currently, I am a leader and facilitator of One New Man Arising with a personal ministry - Your Healing Time in Ormond Beach, Florida. Through Your Healing Time, I am able to minister an impartation of the Father's love and help remove the hindrances to receiving that healing love which brings us to wholeness. 

My life journey took a turn in the early 1970's when a friend called me one morning to tell me to tune to a TV program, the 700 Club, for a good laugh. I did and instead of laughing, I prayed with Pat Robertson and Jesus became my Savior and Lord. Since then, the Lord has given opportunity to co-found a Messianic congregation, to serve several ministries, to study with many profound teachers and leaders in the Body of Messiah. With lots of prayer, Your Healing Time was established more than 10 years ago and is a great blessing to this very moment. Todah Raba Abba! (Thank You Daddy!)

Though I have used many prayer and counseling models, they all came together while I was studying at Shiloh Place, founded by Jack and Trisha Frost. During class one day, Jack made a life-changing statement: for me:

"The Father's love is the bookshelf upon which you put everything else." 

What I thought I knew became polarized, shaken up and re-focused. More deeply aware than ever that I could do nothing withouth Him, I was crying out to the Lord to help me become a healing instrument in His hands to assist all those He cared to send, into freedom and wholeness. Through His love, I began to see many connect to their true identity as He swept them away into comfort, rest and healing within the Fathering shelter of His arms. I came to understand how much this makes Yeshua (Jesus) smile. He said, "When you pray, come to the Father; He who has seen me has seen the Father; The Son came to make the Father known to us." Matt 6:9, John 16:23-27, and in John 17, His prayer for us was that we would be one as He and the Father are one.

Isn't it time to accept the great Truth, that Yeshua took everything that could affect you in a negative way and has washed away your sins? It is done - finished. You have an open door now to positive change. Grace and favor are yours. Won't you hear Him and yield? A life immersed in the Father's love is a true adventure!

"My child, you have always been with Me and all I have is yours ... I have loved you with an everlasing love; therefore I have drawn you with loving kindness ... I will never leave you nor forsake you. (Luke 15:31, Jer 1:3, Heb 13:5)

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