Prayer Declaration For Favor

Thank you, Father, that you are birthing determination in my heart to attack negativity always...that you are rearranging my thinking, my day, my time. I am an overcomer because Your Word says that all born of Christ overcomes. I am learning how to joyfully contend. I am learning how to enjoy every circumstance. I expect that You are releasing radical enjoyment of life and favor for me to explore as I deiscover the fullness of the nature of God in my life.

I am blessed with unparalleled, unmerited favor of the Lord. It is a shield around me as I grow in favor with God and man...I am favored everywhere - at home, in relationships, in the work place, in places of worship. Doors of opportunity open up to me. Blessings are attracted to me and increase upon increase flows to me.

I proclaim that I am in training to reign. I am developing in the life that God has set aside for me. Nothing shall prevent me from completing my journey in favor. Absolute favor in the Holy spirit is mine! [some exerpts from "The Favor Series" by Graham Cooke]

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